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Sourz Apple is an American liquor bright green with a sour apple flavor surprisingly convincing. Usually, one uses only the glass or be used as ingredient for a variety of cocktails. Enjoy this excellent sweet liquor prices with TCM Gourmet. Sourz Apple is sure to catch your attention. The sweet apple flavor is balanced by a zingy sour finish. Great tasting and versatile, Sourz Apple can be enjoyed on its own or added to prosecco for a fruity twist. 

 The brand belongs to the Beam Suntory group and is the right choice to mix in long drinks and shots. Bright green American liqueur with a surprisingly convincing sweet-and-sour appley flavor. Can be served neat as a shooter or blended with a variety of mixers for a wide range of cocktails.

For every occasion and celebrations to enjoy the night by yourself or with your friends and family, you've come to the right place as we only sell quality, excellence, and more! So come and take this opportunity to buy online Sourz.

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