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The taste is clean, soft and round with a faint sweetness and a whole grain character with a touch of dried fruit. Explorer vodka is a quality product produced via continuous distillation of Swedish wheat. Serving: The pure taste makes Explorer suitable as a base in drinks of all kinds.

Explorer Vodka is a Swedish Wheat vodka brand. It was developed in the 1950s, targeted for customers in the United States, but its 1958 launch failed in the market. Since then, it is one of Sweden’s most popular brands of vodka, and has during some periods been the most sold distilled beverages in Sweden. It was the first Swedish alcoholic beverage to be termed vodka rather than brännvin.

Explorer is a quality vodka produced in a continuous distillation process. The taste is clean, round and mild with faint hints of sweetness. The pure taste makes Explorer suitable as a base in all types of drinks. Explorer, which was launched in 1961, quickly became Sweden’s favorite vodka. The basic idea since the 50s is the same; an affordable and pure vodka, made for mixing drinks.

Clean, round and mild with faint hints of sweetness. Explorer Vodka has a clean, soft and round taste with a certain grain character and a slight sweetness. The pure taste means that Explorer is well suited as a base in grogs and drinks of all kinds.

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