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Masso Antico Primitivo di Salento | 14% | 0,75 l

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Paulaner Hefe-Weißbier Naturtrüb is a popular wheat beer in Germany. The brewery was founded in the 1600s and is located in the lovely city of Munich. The Paulaner brewing process, which uses "yeast in suspension," ensures a uniform slightly hazy appearance, consistent high quality, and a distinct flavor. The distinctive color is the product of a unique blend of four different malts. Under a thick head of froth, the beer is naturally hazy and silky-gold in color.

The color of the body is a hazy orange-gold tint. It's almost impenetrable, yet it's quite stretched out, and fuzzy shadows may be seen through the hazy body. The head has a huge cloud-like appearance with a whipped cream-like surface. Lemon and white pepper scents are present, along with a hint of bay leaf. There's a subtle touch of clove here. There's a mild banana flavor with a touch of clove up front. A delicate cream of wheat flavor emerges with a touch of vanilla as it progresses.

A little yeast taste pervades the beer, giving it a mild doughy flavor. A mild herbal flavor, reminiscent of bay leaf, and a somewhat astringent cedar wood flavor may be found in the back of the mouth. It has a great thick presence on the tongue and is medium-full bodied. In the aftertaste, there is only a slight bitterness on the rear corners of the tongue. It's simple to make and delightful to drink. Overall, it's a really gratifying and uplifting beer to drink, with a great look, a lovely scent, and a tasty flavor profile. The beer has a wide range of flavors that appeal to the senses, which is part of what makes it so pleasant. All these characters are brought to the senses very elegantly and delicately.

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