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Staropramen is a renowned Czech beer brand that is well-known in the market for its various innovations. The brewery was established in Prague in 1869, and the beer was first sold in 1871. "Staropramen" literally means "ancient spring." In its early years, the firm was in high demand: exports began in 1884 and were resumed in the 1950s following World War II. The firm is now the Czech Republic's third largest beer exporter. Staropramen beer is now available in over 37 countries, and the brand has a beer to suit every taste. Staropramen beer is a must-try for anybody who like mild, sour, or unique beers.

Staropramen is a light golden beer with a delicate floral fragrance and a sharp hop flavor that is followed by a malty finish. This combination results in a very palatable beer that may be served chilled with food or savored on its own.

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