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Metaxa ******* (7 Sterne) | 40% | 1 l

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Lapin Kulta is a true cult beer that has been a Finn favorite since 1837. Lapin Kulta Premium Lager Beer is a good value in Finland's Alko shops, and it's a notch or two above other pale lagers. This real full malt beer is produced with just the best ingredients. The malting barley imparts a deep and rich taste to the beer.

This is a light-bodied, crisp, refreshing lager with a delightful soft mouthfeel and a simple yet balanced flavor. The flavor profile is dominated by clean barley and generic pilsner malts, with minimal hop presence. The beer has a brilliant gold color with a strong malty, bready aroma, a mild fruity finish, and a hint of sweetness. Smooth finish with a hint of mild bitterness and a light flavor. It has a rich flavor that is light and pleasant.

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