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No.1 Premium Vodka Goosberry | 37,5% | 1 l

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Cognac Renault Carte Noire V.S.O.P is a premium V.S.O.P for cognac lovers who enjoy excellence. The Carte Noire blend was created in 1876: it is one of the oldest cognac recipes in the world. Renault Carte Noire V.S.O.P is loyal to this iconic Carte Noire blend and its unique blending style.

Recognized for the smoothness of its taste, Renault Carte Noire V.S.O.P is made using Grande and Petite Champagne which give richness and elegancy, a touch of Borderies to add complexity and Fins Bois and Bons Bois to add intensity and fruity aromas. Appearance is a light amber color with a golden shine. Aromas and flavors have intense fruit aromas, apricot, marmalade and vanilla.

Lastly, texture and finish is silky, smooth and well-balanced. The Renault Cognac House was founded in 1835, and it has produced cognacs of the finest qualities ever since. All the Renault cognacs are produced in accord with the spirit of founder Jean Antonin Renault. The new Renault Carte Noire VSOP is not a simple VSOP but a unique Premium VSOP for the cognac lovers who enjoy excellency. The outcome of the Carte Noire VSOP blend is a well-rounded, smooth Cognac with enhanced fruity notes to cater for European palates and to renew the range whilst preserving the high standard and heritage behind the brand.

For every occasion and celebrations to enjoy the night by yourself or with your friends and family, you've come to the right place as we only sell quality, excellence, and more! So come and take this opportunity to buy online Renault Cognac VSOP.

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